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Storitve AB GROUP

  • Rabljena oprema
  • Nova oprema
  • Najem strojev
  • Rezervni deli
  • Priključki
  • Transport
  • Pogodbeniki

Zastopane znamke

  • Inter-Tech
  • Rolex
  • Hydramet
  • Koja
  • Pomarol

Opis podjetja

Welcome to AB Group site. If you’re here that means that you are looking for high quality machinery at the best possible price.

AB Group was established in 2013 in Poland and since then we are active on many foreign markets. You can communicate with us in many languages such as: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish and Russian. We know that speaking with you in your native language is the best way to understand your needs and fully realize them.

Meeting customer demands we offer high quality new and used machinery, mainly from Polish manufactures. In our offer you will find:
- pneumatic precision planters
- fertilizer spreaders
- disc harrows
- cultivators
- plows
- standard and wide-angle PTO shafts
- stone pickers
- mixer feeders from 1.5m³ to 50m³ (suspended, towed, stationary and self-propelled)
- loaders
- maize choppers
- green cutters
And a lot more…

Our customers often have different needs, so we provide machines on individual requests. We have well-established experience in introducing new brands to the market, such as: Ozdoken, Fimaks, Wizard and many others. Our offer includes a range of well-known Polish agricultural brands as Bomet, Cynkomet, Inter-Tech, Koja, POM Augustów, Rol/ex and many others.

If you haven’t found the machine you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us and let us prove that we are the best. We ensure that every member is equipped to provide the highest level of customer support.

We encourage you to view our offer and to start cooperation.

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Ključne besede

  • siewnik
  • planter
  • disc harrow
  • Scheibenegge
  • Grubber
  • potato digger
  • round baler
  • bale wrapper
  • front loader
  • snow plough

To je stran podjetja AB GROUP, ki se nahaja v državi Poljska, Podlaskie, Białystok.

Podjetje ponuja naslednje storitve: rabljena oprema, nova oprema, najem strojev, rezervni deli, priključki, transport in pogodbeniki.

AB GROUP zastopa znamke: Inter-Tech, Rolex, Hydramet, Koja, Pomarol.

Podjetje je specializirano za prodajo strojev kot so Siewnik, planter, disc harrow, Scheibenegge, Grubber, potato digger, round baler, bale wrapper, front loader, snow plough.