ATB bvba Bandengroothandel

Kerkstraat 90
9120 Vrasene
(Regija: Oost-Vlaanderen)
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Storitve ATB bvba Bandengroothandel

  • Popravilo
  • Rezervni deli
  • Transport

Zastopane znamke

  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Continental
  • Leao
  • Double Coin

Opis podjetja

ATB is one of Europe's most important companies in tyre business.
Earthmover tyres, agricultural tyres, industrial tyres, port tyres, airplane tyres for industrial and agricultural, ..., ATB can offer them all.
Used tyres as well as boat fenders are also available in large numbers.

ATB is also an expert in being able to offer cheap alternative tyres in every branch and all purposes.

ATB, being a brand on its own, also produces tyres:
Excavator tyres TREXCAVATOR and TRACMASTER are being mounted worldwide on the best mobile cranes and are showing excellent performances.
Besides these, ATB's heavy duty trailer tires LOADMASTER, ROADMASTER and MILEMASTER also show that they are decent and reliable tyres.

ATB not only offers a wide range of new tyres, but also specialises in offering remoulded/recapped and used tyres.

ATB's 40 years of experience guarantees to provide you the best solution for your tyre problem.

ATB Keeps You Rolling

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    • Used Tyres
    • Used Aircraft Tyres
    • Gebruikte banden
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    • Landbouwbanden
    • Agricultural tyres
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    To je stran podjetja ATB bvba Bandengroothandel, ki se nahaja v državi Belgija, Oost-Vlaanderen, Vrasene.

    Podjetje ponuja naslednje storitve: popravilo, rezervni deli in transport.

    ATB bvba Bandengroothandel zastopa znamke: Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Leao, Double Coin.

    Podjetje je specializirano za prodajo strojev kot so Used Tyres, Used Aircraft Tyres, Gebruikte banden, Gebruikte vliegtuigbanden, Landbouwbanden, Agricultural tyres, Earthmover, Graafmachines, Kranen, Kraan.