BODO Int. GmbH & Co. KG

Segeberger Landstraße 53- 55
24619 Bornhöved
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  • Nova oprema
  • Najem strojev
  • Popravilo
  • Rezervni deli
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  • Gomaco

Opis podjetja

BODO offers a great range of utility vehicles, construction and specialty machinery in great quality. If requested, we will design a complete service and mobility program around your needs.

Our core business:
BODO has a steadily changing and growing supply of used equipment displayed in a area of 35000squm in northern Germany.

Our Expansion:
Our customers profit from our experiences with our worldwide trading partners. With GOMACO Corp., the world leader in concrete paving machines, we have a strong partner by our side. You can trust the quality of our construction and utility vehicles.

Our Philosophy:
Our customers‘ satisfaction is our greatest priority. That is why we place emphasis on reliability and quality as well as a good value for money. In your interest we will do our best to guarantee a smooth and fast transaction so that our customers and us can profit from a beneficial commercial partnership.

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    To je stran podjetja BODO Int. GmbH & Co. KG, ki se nahaja v državi Nemčija, Schleswig-Holstein, Bornhöved.

    Podjetje ponuja naslednje storitve: rabljena oprema, nova oprema, najem strojev, popravilo, rezervni deli in cenitve strojev.

    BODO Int. GmbH & Co. KG zastopa znamke: Gomaco.

    Podjetje je specializirano za prodajo strojev kot so gebrauchte Baumaschinen, gebrauchte Kommunalmaschinen, Werkstattservice, Beton, Gleitschalungsfertiger, Deutschland, Used Equipment, construction.