Fritz Brandt Landmaschinen

Hodenberger Strasse 40
28355 Bremen
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Storitve Fritz Brandt Landmaschinen

  • Rabljena oprema
  • Nova oprema
  • Najem strojev
  • Popravilo
  • Rezervni deli
  • Priključki
  • Transport
  • Financiranje
  • Cenitve strojev

Zastopane znamke

  • CASE
  • Fendt
  • John Deere
  • Deutz

Opis podjetja

We have got what you are looking for!
As one of the biggest trader in agricultural machinery in the northern part of Germany, we are able to offer over 250 machines directly out of our stock any time. Our customers come from all places in Europe and you find our machines all around the world.

If you want to sell your machine, please don’t hesitate to send your offer and give us a short description of your machine and some photos.

You are welcome at our place anytime. You can rummage in our stock for all your needed equipment. Come around and convince yourself of our good quality for good money.

If you make an appointment with us, we can promise professional service to find the suitable for you. So please give us a call (+49 (0)421 259252), a fax (+49 (0)421 259984) or an e-mail to coordinate your visit.

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    To je stran podjetja Fritz Brandt Landmaschinen, ki se nahaja v državi Nemčija, Bremen, Bremen.

    Podjetje ponuja naslednje storitve: rabljena oprema, nova oprema, najem strojev, popravilo, rezervni deli, priključki, transport, financiranje in cenitve strojev.

    Fritz Brandt Landmaschinen zastopa znamke: CASE, Fendt, John Deere, CLAAS, Deutz.

    Podjetje je specializirano za prodajo strojev kot so Rübenroder, Maishäcksler, Pressen, Teleskoplader, Mähdrescher, Traktoren, Pflüge, Anhänger.