Teknamotor Skorpion 250R

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Kategorija stroja / vozilaDrobilci lesa
Znamka /modelTeknamotor Skorpion 250R
Leto registracije2019
Dodatne možnostiNovo/nerabljeno
Mascus ID93477F90
Cena brez DDVVprašaj za ceno
Popolna evidenca servisovDa
Splošno stanje (1-5)5
Transportna teža960 kg
Transportne dimenzije (DxŠxV)2500 x 2030 x 2560
Dodatna opremaDer Holzhacker Skorpion 250 R zerkleinert Baumstämme und Äste mit hohem Grünanteil bis Durchmesser 250 mm. Skorpion 250 R ist Scheibenhacker mit pneumatischem System des Auswerfens von Hackschnitzeln auf der Scheibe. Die Hackschnitzel werden durch das um 360º drehbare Auslaufrohr in belibiege Richtung ausgeworfen. Der Holzhacker mit Dreipunktanbau ist zur Arbeit mit Schlepper min. 80 PS vorgesehen. Die Schneidgruppe besteht aus der Scheibe mit den angeschraubten beiderseitig geschliffenen Schneidmessern. Der Antrieb wird über die Zapfwelle des Schleppers mit 540 U/min übertragen. Der Holzhacker ist mit dem hydraulischen Antriebssystem der Einzugswalzen ausgerüstet, das mit eigener Hydraulikpumpe angetrieben wird.

Im Standard ist der Holzhacker mit elektronischem Kontrollsystem No-Stress ausgerüstet, das automatisch die Überlastung des Antriebssystems durch momentanes Anhalten des Einzugs verhindert.
Drugi podatkiSkorpion 250 R is designed for shredding tree limbs and trunks with a diameter of up to 250 mm. Skorpion 250R is a disc model with a pneumatic blow-out system on the disc. Chips are ejected through the rotating chimney which can turn by 360 degrees in relation to the chassis. The cutting system consists of a disc with cutting knives sharpened on either side.

The chipper has a three-point suspension system and is designed to work with an above 80 hp farm tractor. The drive is transmitted from PTO shaft of a tractor with the speed of 540 revolutions per minute.

Its feed system consists of two pulling rollers, driven by separate hydraulic motors from a hydraulic pump mounted on the chipper.

Safety of the operator of a chipper is ensured by a cable safety switch attached, which - by pulling the cord in any direction - causes the hydraulic feed system to stop immediately. Unlocking the system takes place by releasing / unlocking the EMERGENCY STOP button to the work position.

The wood chipper equipped with an electronic No-stress system that automatically prevents overloading of the drive system by temporarily stopping the feed system. Editing the No-stress overload system allows you to easily change the machine settings and adjust them to individual needs. The program "thick wood", "thin wood" allows a quick change of the working mode of the chipper to suit the currently shredded material and more effective work of the wood chipper. This system has a built-in hourly meter.

Chips made by Skorpion 250 R can be used as a solid fuel for heating in buildings (burning in ovens/stoves), as raw material to produce compost, for decorative purposes in gardens, parks, etc., and after additional disintegrating in a mill for production of pellets and briquettes.

Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 2500 x 2030 x 2560 [mm]
Weight 960 [kg]
Branch diameter 250 [mm]
No of knives 2 or 3 cutting + 2 counter-knife
Feeding speed up to 42 [running meters/min]
Chipping capacity up to 18 [stère meters/h]
Chip width from 9 to 14 [mm]
Feeding unit hydraulic feeder
Disk diameter 800 [mm]
Hopper dimensions (width x height) 420 x 255 [mm]
Min. power of tractor 80 [hp]

Equipment included:
-PTO shaft
-Independent hydraulic system
-Adjustment of height of ejecting the chips
-Rotary chimney 360°
-No-stress system

Additional accessories on request:
-Extension of the ejection tube

Teknamotor Sp. z o.o.

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