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Pek automotive Lawn mower | Needle harrow| Cutter

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Škropilnice za vinograde
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Pek automotive Lawn mower | Needle harrow| Cutter
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Vineyards and orchards face an array of challenges such as labor shortages, rising production costs, regulatory pressures, and an urgent need for modernization. Traditional methods of operation, ingrained in sectors characterized by longstanding production traditions and family-run orchards and vineyards businesses, often result in significant time losses for owners and their families. Enter the Slopehelper – a revolutionary, fully autonomous agricultural system designed to manage the entire agricultural cycle on any kind of intensive plantations. This cutting-edge innovation is used for all yearly agricultural cycle operations with plantations, state-of-the-art technologies, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Slopehelper is set to redefine what you thought was possible in farming by integrating the best farm tools and equipment into one single robotic farming system. Say goodbye to reliance on seasonal workers, traditional farm machinery, and tractor autopilots (ADAS), with our completely autonomous system. Traditional farming methods demand a large workforce, particularly during peak seasons. Agricultural robots, or agrobots, are engineered to work autonomously or collaboratively, with minimal human intervention and are targeted for workforce minimization in agriculture. Slopehelper is a new breed of affordable farm machinery that removes the need for your physical labor and presence. Stay updated on progress via real-time notifications on your smartphone. Welcome to the era of effortless farming!Naprej

Pek automotive d.o.o.

Obrtniška ulica 17 1370 Logatec Osrednjeslovenska Slovenija
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