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baifuyuan industrial park
101100 beijing
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  • Nova oprema
  • Najem strojev
  • Popravilo
  • Rezervni deli
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Zastopane znamke

  • Kubota
  • Honda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Yamaha
  • Yanmar

Opis podjetja

With the headcounter in Beijing City of China, KOVO MACHINERY & ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD manufactures kinds of power product and welding equipment for pipeline welding, mining industrial, shipbuilding company, railway maintenance, and other emergency welding for power supplies.

Started in 1998, with the support from Germany teamwork leaded by Dr. Ulrich Weidner, KOVO designs welding control system for customers from Korea, Australian, Middle East and other countries. As many customers trusted, in 2003, we built factory for assembling

ENGINGE DRIVEN WELDER, ( WELDER GENERATOR, DIESEL WELDER ) GENERATOR SET and LIGHT TOWER for customers, and label “ KOVO” as our brand. We have improved ourselves in the process of assembly, guided by quality control system introduced from Japanese company.

KOVO engine driven welder(welding generator or portable welder) is key series of our product range. The Chief engineers group select brand engine for reliable power output. Other materials, such as stator cable, electronic parts and even a screw, are covered by Quality Control System for KOVO brand. Comparing other counterpart welders, KOVO uses new technology for longer lifetime and more powerful output with compact volume due to brushless and know-how tech. KOVO welders enjoy popularity for excellence performance with all kindly of electrode, cellulosic electrode in all position.

Now, KOVO fosters 38 exclusive distributors globally, and grow together with us. We offer 6KVA-30KVA diesel/gasoline generator sets and engine driven welder from 50A-500A (EW200D, EW240G, EW240D, EW320G, EW320D,EW280DS EW300DS, EW400DST)powered by KUBOTA, PERKINS, DEUTZ, HONDA, KOHLER, MITSUBISHI, YAMAHA and so on.

For efficient welding job, we offer more optional for customers, including remote control, polarity changer, wheel kits and overall safety.

KOVO always considers customers’ need guided by MOTTO, moving forward with you.

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    • welding generator
    • diesel welder
    • portable welder
    • Motosoldadoras
    • Máquinas de Solda
    • Groupe Electrogène
    • Сварочные генераторы
    • groupe autonome de soudage
    • Soldadura
    • дизельные генераторы

    To je stran podjetja kovo machinery and electrical equipment co., ltd, ki se nahaja v državi Kitajska, Beijing 北京, Beijing.

    Podjetje ponuja naslednje storitve: rabljena oprema, nova oprema, najem strojev, popravilo, rezervni deli, priključki in usposabljanje.

    kovo machinery and electrical equipment co., ltd zastopa znamke: Kubota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Yanmar.

    Podjetje je specializirano za prodajo strojev kot so welding generator, diesel welder, portable welder, Motosoldadoras, Máquinas de Solda, Groupe Electrogène, Сварочные генераторы, groupe autonome de soudage, Soldadura, дизельные генераторы.