Verachtert Nederland bv

de Bloemendaal 4 A
5221 EC Den Bosch
(Regija: Noord-Brabant)
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  • Najem strojev
  • Popravilo
  • Rezervni deli
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  • Caterpillar
  • Verachtert
  • Engcon
  • Drago
  • Metalogenia

Opis podjetja

In over 50 years Verachtert has developed into the market leader of Work Tools for all types of diggers and wheel loaders, and offers solutions for the specific wishes of the customer. Verachtert products represent quality and productivity.

Our products are used daily and intensively by a large group of international customers in earth moving, road and water engineering, demolition, scrap metal processing, recycling, industry and transfer activities. Verachtert offers all its Work Tools with an extensive service package containing everything, from advice in selecting the right piece of Work Tool to the after sales and support in maintenance and repairs.

You can shop at Verachtert for:

* new and used Work Tools from stock deliverable
* renting of Work Tools
* service
* repairs
* parts

We will always find the right type for you. Universal and excellent quality, meeting your demands. To prevent a long delevery time we can deliver many products form stock.

Verachtert is also dealer for Engcon tiltrotators, Drago small crushers / shears, Metalogenia teethsystem, Powertilt and the Vantec worktools.

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    de Bloemendaal 4 A, 5221 EC Den Bosch, (Regija: Noord-Brabant), Nizozemska
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    Verachtert Nederland bv zastopa znamke: Caterpillar, Verachtert, Engcon, Drago, Metalogenia.